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Situation in Damascus

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Syrian Rebellion groups started their operations in and around Damascus in mid-2011, mainly in Eastern and Western Ghouta (both are counted as Damascus Suburbs, but surrounding the city from all sides except the northern side).

In mid-2012, Rebellion groups started their strong operations, ended the year controlling many districts in and around the city (mainly Tadamon, Yarmouk Camp, Qadam, Barzeh, Babbila, Sbeneh, Qudsayya, Darayya, Yalda, and parts of Midan, Kafr Suseh and Zahera). They took control of Marj al-Sultan Airbase, Qabr al-Sitt Airbase and besieged Damascus International Airport.




In 2013, Shiite militias (mainly Hezbollah, Assa’ib Ahl al-‘Haqq and AbulFadel al-Abbas Brigades) entered Syria and joined the battles in Damascus, fighting alongside the Syrian Regime.

It was a successful plan for the Syrian Regime:

– The siege on the airport was broken quickly.

– The siege of Sayyida Zaynab was broken.

– Besieging all the areas under Rebels control in Western Ghouta, Southern Damascus and Eastern Ghouta.

– Retaking many areas in Southern Damascus (mainly Sbeneh, Hujjeira, Buweida, Ba’hdaliya, Ziyabiye and Ghizlaniye).

– Retaking areas in Western and Eastern Ghouta (mainly Jdeidet Artuz, Sa’hnaya, Qaysa, Jarba, Hteitet al-Turkman, Harran al-Awamid and Oteiba).

– Truce agreements were signed in Qadam, Harasta, Yarmouk Camp, Yalda, Beit Sehem, Babbila, Mu’addamiye, Barzeh and Qudsayya.




In late 2013 and early 2014, Rebellion groups in Eastern Ghouta and around the city started new operations and changed the situation there by:

Retaking Jarba, Qasmiye, Bilaliye, Bahariye, Adra, and parts of Abbadeh, Qaysa and Deir Salman in Eastern Ghouta.

Advancing in Jobar district, which is known as Damascus eastern entrance.

Attacking Dumeyr and al-Seen (Sayqal) Airbases in Damascus Suburbs, in order to advance from Eastern Qalamoun Mounts toward Dumeyr town and Eastern Ghouta.




Nowadays, the battle still ongoing, currently the heavy clashes going in and around Mleha, Jobar, Darayya and Adra. The Syrian Regime advancing in Mleha, planning to besiege the town and Rebels still resisting. Rebels advancing in Jobar, supporting their front-lines in Adra, resisting in Darayya.





Battles in Syria | June 2014

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Battles in Syria | June 2014