Month: August 2014

Situation in Abu Adduhur Area & Military Airport in Eastern Idlib – Syria

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One of the largest military airports in Syria, located in a strategic area in Northern Syria (between Southern Aleppo and Eastern Idlib).

Rebels controlling the areas around the airport since late 2012 and early 2013, and were able to control the airport several times after controlling the villages around it and the military housing buildings. In early 2013, Rebels launched heavy attacks on the airport and some activists reported that Rebels entered the airport and burned some buildings, helicopters and aircraft shelters, but they didn’t control the airport till now.


Recently, the Syrian Regime trying to open new roads from Khanasir/Ithriya road to the airport, to give an airforce support to the Regime forces in Southern Aleppo, Wadi Addayf area around Ma’arrat al-Nu’man in Idlib, and in Northern Hamah, especially after the Rebellion new advances toward Hamah Military Airport.

In 2014, Rebels focusing on Northern Hamah and Wadi Addayf front-lines, leaving Abu Adduhur Military Airport front-line besieged by few Rebellion forces. New military operations by the Regime forces in the airport to advance toward the villages around, some of the Regime soldiers advanced from the airport toward Tall Salmo village, but they failed to control the village and many of the soldiers were killed by Rebels, and the rest turned back to the airport. Another failed Regime operations to control Humaymat, Hamidiyat and Umm Jurayn since early 2014, but the villages still under Rebels control.



Rebels can prevent the Regime to broke the siege on the airport by launching new operations ending up controlling the airport, otherwise the Regime will reach the airport from Southern Aleppo or Khanasir/Ithriya road.

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