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Overview on the Military Situation of Qunaitra Province (Southern Syria) & Latakia Province (Northern Syria)

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:: Qunaitra Province ::

Largest / Important Cities:
– Qunaitra (Rebel-held)
– Madinat al-Baath (Regime-held)a
– Khan Arnabah (Regime-held)
– Majdal al-Shams (Israeli-held)
– Ayn Qunayyah (Israeli-held)
– Nabe’ al-Sakher (Rebel-held)
– Jabah (Contested)
– Majdulya (Rebel-held)
– Jubata al-Khashab (Rebl-held)
Military Bases:
– Brigade 90 (Regime-held)
– Western & Eastern Tall Ahmar (Rebel-held)
– Tall Mas’harah (Rebel-held)
– Tall Kroum (Regime-held)
– Tall Bzaq (Regime-held)
– Tall Sha’ar (Regime-held)

The large part of the province (Golan Heights) is occupied by the Israeli Army since the early of 1970s, no Rebel or Regime presence in the area.

Rebels started to launch military operations in the Syrian-controlled part of Qunaitra province in late 2011 and early 2012 and took control of many areas and lost some areas later since the battles still ongoing in the province.

In 2013, the Regime was able to retake some important areas like Jabah town, and besiege Rebels in Samdaniyah area.

Rebels in early 2014 planned to connect the front-lines of Qunaitra and Daraa provinces together, and started to launch new military operations from the southern part of the province and took control of strategic areas, and advanced rapidly in the summer of 2014 to reach Qunaitra and Mas’harah towns, then managed to break the siege on Jubata al-Khashab and Ufanya area.

Rebels achievements in Qunaitra Province in 2014:

– Control military areas like Western & Eastern Tall Ahmar, Tall Mas’harah and Tall al-Mal.

– Control Qunaitra border crossing with the occupied Golan Heights.

– Control important towns like Qunaitra, Nabe’ al-Shakher, Mas’harah, Majdulya and Hamidiyah.

– Broke the siege on Jubata al-Khashab, Turanjah, Ufaniya and Hurriyah villages.

– Besiege the Regime in Madinat al-Baath, Khan Arnabah, Tall Kroum and Tall Bzaq.

NW-Darra (Before-After)

:: Latakia Province ::

Largest / Important Cities:
– Latakia (Regime-held)all latakia2
– Jableh (Regime-held)
– al-Qardaha (Regime-held)
– Kasab (Regime-held)
– Kinsabba (Rebel-held)
– Salma (Rebel-held)
– Mashqita (Regime-held)
– Ras al-Baseet (Regime-held)
– Haffah (Regime-held)
– Burj Islam (Regime-held)

Military Bases:
– Hamimim Airbase (Regime-held)
– al-Nabi Yunis Mount (Regime-held)
– Tower 45 (Regime-held)
– al-Bayda Naval Base (Regime-held)

Rebels started to launch military operations in the province in late of 2011 after they advanced from Idlib and Hamah provinces.

Rebels in 2012 and 2013 were able to control most of the villages in Jabal al-Akrad and Jabal al-Turkmen areas in northern Latakia.

In the summer of 2013, the Regime was able to retake some villages like Kafrayya and ‘Aramo, and managed to push Rebels until Durin and Salma villages in Jabal al-Akrad.

In early 2014, Rebels launched new military operations and took control of Kasab area and the border crossing with Turkey, to end up controlling all the northern part of Latakia province and reaching the Mediterranean Sea.

The Regime was able to retake Kasab area in the summer of 2014 after the new military operations launched from the sea and the southern Mounts of Kasab, and managed to push Rebels until Nabe’ al-Murr village near Kasab border crossing.




Overview on The Military Situation of Aleppo Province | Northern Syria

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Overview on The Military Situation of Aleppo Province | Northern Syria | archicivilians


Largest Cities:

– Aleppo (Contested)
– Manbij (Daesh-held)
– Azaz (Rebel-held)
– Afrin (Kurdish-held)
– Jarabulus (Daesh-held)
– Ayn al-Arab Kobane (Contested)
– al-Safirah (Regime-held)
– Tall Riff’at (Rebel-held)
– al-Bab (Daesh-held)
– Atarib (Rebel-held)
– Darat Izza (Rebel-held)
– Dayr Hafir (Daesh-held)

Military Bases:

– Kuwayris Airbase (Regime-held / besieged by Daesh)
– Mennegh Airbase (Rebel-held)
– Nayrab Airbase (Regime-held)
– Jirrah Airbase (Daesh-held)
– Brigade 80 (Regime-held)
– Regiment 46 (Rebel-held)
– Regiment 111 (Rebel-held)
– Aleppo Infantry School (Rebel-held)
– Brigade 135 (Kurdish-held)
– Defense Factory (Regime-held)
– Hanano Base (Regime-held)
– Aleppo Central Prison (Regime-held)

Rebels started to launch military operations in this province in 2012, and reached the city of Aleppo in mid- 2012 and advanced rapidly, to end up in 2013 controlling half of the city and besieged the Regime in the western part of the city and in Aleppo International Airport.

Rebels achievements in 2012 and 2013 in Aleppo Province:
– Controlling large and imporant cities like Manbij, Azaz, Jarabulus, al-Safirah, al-Bab, Tall Riffat, Darat Izza, Dayr Hafir and Atarib.
– Controlling Military Bases like Brigade 80, Brigade 135, Regiment 46, Regiment 111 and Aleppo Infantry School.
– Controlling Mennegh Airbase and Jirrah Airbase, and besieging both of Nayrab and Kuwayris Airbases.
– Besieging the Regime in the Defense Factory and the Military Research Facility near al-Safirah after cutting the Regime supply lines from Hamah by controlling Khanasir.
– Controlling Bab al-Salam border crossing with Turkey.
In late 2013 (mainly in October), the Regime launched new military operation and captured Khanasir village, and advanced rapidly and reached al-Safirah City, capturing it after several days of clashes.
The Regime was able to reach Aleppo International Airport and broke the siege on it, and captured Brigade 80 in the northern side of the Airport.

In early 2014, the Regime was able to reach Naqqarin area and SheikhNajjar Industrial City in the North East of Aleppo City, and broke the siege on the Central Prison in mid-2014. In late 2014, the Regime captured Hanadarat village in the northern side of Aleppo City, and reached Mallah area in order to reach the western side of the city to besiege Rebels inside Aleppo City by controlling the last Rebellion supply line to the City (Castello Road).

Regime achievements in 2013 and 2014 in Aleppo Province:
– Controlling al-Safirah City and the village on Hamah/Aleppo Road.
– Controlling SheikhNajjar Industrial City.
– Controlling Brigade 80 and breaking the siege on Aleppo Central Prison.


Kurdish forcesin Aleppo:

Kurdish Rebel-groups like Jabhat al-Akrad and Yousef al-Azma Brigade are parts of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), cooperating and fighting alongside Rebels in Aleppo City and other areas in the province. According to local sources, Kurds of Ayn al-Arab Kobane are known for their strong relations with Rebels.
People’s Protection Units which is known as YPG (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel) is a separated Syrian Kurdish group which is similar to the Turkish Kurdish group (PKK), sharing the control of Kurdish areas in the province with other Kurdish Rebel-groups like Jabhat al-Akrad.
The YPG fought against Rebels in 2012 and 2013 in order to control the Kurdish areas in Northern Aleppo Province.
After the Rebel-YPG conflict in some areas near Afrin and Ayn al-Arab Kobane, some Kurdish groups preferred to leave the FSA.
In 2014, Daesh (IS) started to fight both of Rebels and YPG. Both of Rebels and YPG managed to expell Daesh (IS) from Western Aleppo and Northern Aleppo (Afrin and Azaz areas), but Rebels lost all their areas in Eastern Aleppo and YPG lost all their areas in Ayn al-Arab Kobane area and resisting in the city.
Currently, both of Rebels and Kurdish Rebel-groups & YPG are cooperating and fighting against Daesh (IS) in Northern Aleppo and Ayn al-Arab Kobane.
There is no conflict between the Regime and YPG in Aleppo Province, but few clashes between the Regime and Kurdish Rebel-groups in SheikhMaqsud and Asharafiya districts in Aleppo.


Daesh (Islamic State – ISIL):

Daesh (IS) was an independent group considered as Rebel ally after they fought with Rebels in some areas after they entered Syria in April 2013 under the name of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
They started to control cities and villages in Aleppo Province by sending their fighters to give a strong presence in each city and village that are under Rebels control, claiming that they are a Rebel-ally group.
After they cooperated with Rebels in the battle of Mennegh Airbase, they took control of the Airbase to be as one of their military bases in western Aleppo.
Tensions started between Daesh (IS) and one of the Rebellion groups (‘Asifat al-Shamal – FSA) when ‘Asifat al-Shamal refused to let Daesh (IS) enter Azaz City near Mennegh Airbase. Daesh (IS) took Azaz City after they claimed that ‘Asifat al-Shamal are non-Muslims.
The Regime launched an offensive and started to advance toward Aleppo, while Daesh (IS) trying to control more areas in Aleppo Province. They retreated from the villages (Duwayrinah area) in the eastern side of Aleppo Military Airport when Rebels lost al-Safirah City, which helped the Regime to advance rapidly toward the Airport.
In late 2013, Daesh (IS) forced Rebels to retreat from the Regime 46 and besieged them (mainly Mujahidin Army) in Atarib town in south west of Aleppo Province. After what happened in Atarib area, the conflict between Daesh (IS) and Rebels started in Syria.
Daesh (IS) took many areas (including Azaz and al-Bab) in Aleppo Province after clashes against Rebels, while Rebels trying to stop the Regime advances from al-Safirah.
In early 2014, Rebels and Kurdish groups forced Daesh (IS) to retreat from Northern and Western Aleppo Province, and from Aleppo City to Eastern Aleppo (Manbij and al-Bab area).
In mid-2014, Daesh (IS) announced their self-claimed Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, and started new military operations in Aleppo Province to advance from Eastern Aleppo and control new areas in Northern Aleppo (Akhtarin area), and reached Mare’ area, in order to cut the Rebellion supply lines between Nothern Aleppo and Aleppo City.

No Daesh (IS) / Regime conflict in Aleppo Province, both sides are fighting the Rebels, but Kuwayris Airbase is besieged by Daesh (IS), after the forced Rebels to retreat from the outskirts of the Airbase in early 2014.
In mid and late 2014, Daesh (IS) launched new offensive on Kurds and Rebels in Ayn al-Arab Kobane area, and took control of Qarah Qawzaq and Sarin area, in addition to all the villages around Ayn al-Arab Kobane City, to end up fighting both of YPG and Rebels in Ayn al-Arab Kobane City since the summer of 2014.


Overview on the Military Situation of Idlib Province (Northern Syria) & Daraa Province (Southern Syria)

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Overview on the Military Situation of Idlib Province (Northern Syria) & Daraa Province (Southern Syria)



Large Cities:
– Idlib (Regime-held)
22– Ma’art al-Nu’man (Rebel-held)
– KhanShaykhun (Rebel-held)
– Jisr ash-Shughur (Regime-held)
– Ariha (Regime-held)
– Saraqib (Rebel-held)
– Harem (Rebel-held)

Military Bases:
– Taftanaz Airbase (Rebel-held)
– Abu Adhuhur Airbase (Regime-held / Besieged by Rebels)
– Hamidiyah Military Camp (Rebel-held)
– Wadi al-Dayf Military Camp (Rebel-held)
– al-Shabiba Military Camp (Rebel-held)
– Baath Vanguard Camp (Regime-held)
– Idlib Central Prison (Rebel-held)

Rebels started to launch military operations in this province since the beginning of the armed revolution in mid-2011.
The Regime lost many areas and cities (including border crossing with Turkey) this province since 2011, but retook control of some areas in 2013 like Ariha City.
After the latest Rebellion advances in this province and controlling all the Military Camps and villages in Southern Idlib, the Regime ended up controlling Idlib/Latakia Road (including the cities/villages on the road) as the last Regime supply line to Idlib City.

Most of the high ranked Regime officers who defected from the Syrian Arab Army, are from Idlib Province, including the following:
– General Mustafa al-Sheikh (Atme)
– Colonel Riyad al-As’ad (Abdeita)
– Colonel Hussein Harmush (Iblin)
– Lt. Colonel AbdulSattar Yunso (Bidama)
Other Revolutionary leaders:
– Ahmed Issa al-Sheikh (Sarjeh)
– Jamal Ma’ruf (DeirSunbul)


Large Cities:
– Daraa (Contested)
– Nawa (Rebel-held)21
– Dael (Rebel-held)
– Sanamayn (Regime-held)
– Izzra’ (Regime-held)
– Harrah (Rebel-held)
– Jasim (Rebel-held)
– SheikhMaskin (Contested)
– Bosra (Contested)

Military Bases:
– Brigade 61 (Rebel-held)
– Brigade 112 (Rebel-held)
– Brigade 38 (Rebel-held)
– Brigade 82 (Contested)
– Brigade 52 (Regime-held)
– Brigade 15 (Regime-held)
– 9th Division (Regime-held)
– Daraa Central Prison (Rebel-held)

Rebels started to launch military operations in this province since the beginning of the armed revolution in mid-2011.
The Regime launched strong military operations in this province in 2013, retook many areas including the strategic areas of KhirbetGhazaleh village and Harrah City with its hill (Tall Harrah), cutting the Rebellion supply lines to Western Ghouta near Damascus.

In late 2013, Rebels were able to take control of Tafas town, Hajjanah Battalion, National Hospital in Jasim and Daraa border crossing.
Rebels in 2014 started to launch military operations in both of Daraa and Qunaitra provinces, broke the siege of Nawa and SheikhMaskin cities and advanced rapidly in mid-2014 and late 2014 to retake most of the areas they lost in 2013.

Rebels achievements in Daraa province in 2014:
– Broke siege of Nawa, SheikhMaskin and Tasil.
– Control all the western part of the province.
– Reach South West of RifDimashq province (DeirMakir & Danaji).
– Cut the main supply line to Nasib border crossing.
– Control strategic military bases like Brigade 61, Brigade 112, Tall Harrah, Tall Jumou’, Hajjajiyah Tank Battalion and Daraa Central Prison.
– Reach the last Regime supply line to Daraa City (between SheikhMaskin and Izzra’).