Overview on the Military Situation of Qunaitra Province (Southern Syria) & Latakia Province (Northern Syria)

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:: Qunaitra Province ::

Largest / Important Cities:
– Qunaitra (Rebel-held)
– Madinat al-Baath (Regime-held)a
– Khan Arnabah (Regime-held)
– Majdal al-Shams (Israeli-held)
– Ayn Qunayyah (Israeli-held)
– Nabe’ al-Sakher (Rebel-held)
– Jabah (Contested)
– Majdulya (Rebel-held)
– Jubata al-Khashab (Rebl-held)
Military Bases:
– Brigade 90 (Regime-held)
– Western & Eastern Tall Ahmar (Rebel-held)
– Tall Mas’harah (Rebel-held)
– Tall Kroum (Regime-held)
– Tall Bzaq (Regime-held)
– Tall Sha’ar (Regime-held)

The large part of the province (Golan Heights) is occupied by the Israeli Army since the early of 1970s, no Rebel or Regime presence in the area.

Rebels started to launch military operations in the Syrian-controlled part of Qunaitra province in late 2011 and early 2012 and took control of many areas and lost some areas later since the battles still ongoing in the province.

In 2013, the Regime was able to retake some important areas like Jabah town, and besiege Rebels in Samdaniyah area.

Rebels in early 2014 planned to connect the front-lines of Qunaitra and Daraa provinces together, and started to launch new military operations from the southern part of the province and took control of strategic areas, and advanced rapidly in the summer of 2014 to reach Qunaitra and Mas’harah towns, then managed to break the siege on Jubata al-Khashab and Ufanya area.

Rebels achievements in Qunaitra Province in 2014:

– Control military areas like Western & Eastern Tall Ahmar, Tall Mas’harah and Tall al-Mal.

– Control Qunaitra border crossing with the occupied Golan Heights.

– Control important towns like Qunaitra, Nabe’ al-Shakher, Mas’harah, Majdulya and Hamidiyah.

– Broke the siege on Jubata al-Khashab, Turanjah, Ufaniya and Hurriyah villages.

– Besiege the Regime in Madinat al-Baath, Khan Arnabah, Tall Kroum and Tall Bzaq.

NW-Darra (Before-After)

:: Latakia Province ::

Largest / Important Cities:
– Latakia (Regime-held)all latakia2
– Jableh (Regime-held)
– al-Qardaha (Regime-held)
– Kasab (Regime-held)
– Kinsabba (Rebel-held)
– Salma (Rebel-held)
– Mashqita (Regime-held)
– Ras al-Baseet (Regime-held)
– Haffah (Regime-held)
– Burj Islam (Regime-held)

Military Bases:
– Hamimim Airbase (Regime-held)
– al-Nabi Yunis Mount (Regime-held)
– Tower 45 (Regime-held)
– al-Bayda Naval Base (Regime-held)

Rebels started to launch military operations in the province in late of 2011 after they advanced from Idlib and Hamah provinces.

Rebels in 2012 and 2013 were able to control most of the villages in Jabal al-Akrad and Jabal al-Turkmen areas in northern Latakia.

In the summer of 2013, the Regime was able to retake some villages like Kafrayya and ‘Aramo, and managed to push Rebels until Durin and Salma villages in Jabal al-Akrad.

In early 2014, Rebels launched new military operations and took control of Kasab area and the border crossing with Turkey, to end up controlling all the northern part of Latakia province and reaching the Mediterranean Sea.

The Regime was able to retake Kasab area in the summer of 2014 after the new military operations launched from the sea and the southern Mounts of Kasab, and managed to push Rebels until Nabe’ al-Murr village near Kasab border crossing.




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