Map: The Situation in Yemen | January 24, 2015

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The Situation in Yemen | January 24, 2015 | archicivilians

Yemeni Map Jan 2015

Houthis’ rapid advances in 2014 and after they ended up in late 2014 controlling the capital of Yemen (Sanaa City), many powerful armed groups in Yemen felt threatened, such as the Sunni tribes whose known as anti-Houthis and the Southern Yemen Movement which is known as a separatist movement in Yemen, aiming for an independence Southern Yemen country, made a decision to secure their areas and take the control from the Yemeni Regime to be able to repel any advances by the Houthis toward their areas in Aden, Saba’ and Hadramaut Regions (including Aden, Lahaj, Abyan, Hadramaut and al-Dale’ Provinces).

The recent important changes in the country by the Houthis after they claimed to make a coup in the country and besieging the government buildings in Sanaa; pushed the anti-Houthis and anti-government movements and armed groups to take their own decisions in order to be able put limits for the Houthis advances toward Southern Yemen and Ma’rib Province.

AQAP cooperating with many Sunni tribes in the battles against Houthis in al-Baydaa Province (mainly in and around Radaa’ City). No declared alliance between the Yemen Southern Movement and AQAP or confirmed cooperation in the ongoing battles, at the same time, some activists said that AQAP were pushed out from many populated areas and they accepted this action since their main goals currently is to fight the Houthis and the Regime.

The conflict still ongoing and rapid changes day by day in the country, huge upcoming changes are expected to be shown in the current time and upcoming days.


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