Map: The Military Situation in Southern Syria | SE-RifDimashq – NE-Daraa – N-Suwaydaa | January 31, 2015

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The Military Situation in Southern Syria | SE-RifDimashq / NE-Daraa / N-Suwaydaa | January 31, 2015 | archicivilians

ISIS Rise in Southern Syria

Southern Syria

Recently, Daesh (The Islamic State organization – ISIS) was able to reach the northern areas of Suwaydaa Province after they were able to cross the desert from southern Palmyra and from Eastern Qalamoun in RifDimashq Province (northern BirQasab area). The Syrian Rebels trying to prevent Daesh from reaching Eastern Ghouta area near Damascus since there are heavy battles going between the Syrian Rebels and the Syrian Regime at the front-lines between Damascus and Eastern Ghouta, which will collapse the Rebel forces in the area if Daesh will enter and fight them. Heavy battles took place in Eastern Qalamoun, Rebels were able to push them to the north of Qaryatayn Mounts in the South of Homs Province and clashes still ongoing in BirQasab area.

In 2013, Rebels lost the many villages near Damascus Int. Airport after the Regime was able to break the siege on the airport. Currently, few Rebellion ambushes on the Regime military convoys in the roads between between southern RifDimashq Province and northern Daraa Province, mainly the road between al-Haijanah, al-Baytariyah, al-Shoqraniyah and Buraq villages. This area is mostly used by Rebels to deliver the military equipment and ammunition between northern and southern of Syria. Some activists said that some TOW missiles were delivered from northern Syria to southern Syria in 2014.


Since Suwaydaa Province is known as the Druze stronghold in Syria, tensions happened between some Druze and Regime leaders; they claimed that the Regime has an agreements with Daesh. The Regime preferred to let Daesh advance in this area in their fight against Rebels in BirQasab, but what was not expected is the recent advances in December 2014 and January 2015 by Daesh after they reached the eastern outskirts of Khalkhalah Airbase in Suwaydaa Province and took some important villages and hills in the area. Activists in the area confirmed that Daesh troops have been very close to Damascus-Suwaydaa Rd, and they reached the outskirts of Shoqraniyah town near Marj Ruhayyil Airbase, between RifDimashq and Daraa Provinces.


Until the end of January 2015, the situation of the area can be described as shown in the map after adding the following important changes on the ground:

– The Regime were able to retake Tall Dalfa’ in the eastern outskirts of Khalkhalah Airbase.

– Rebels still resisting in BirQasab area to prevent any advances by Daesh fighters toward Eastern Ghouta.

– Rebels in Lajat area advanced to the western outskirts of Lahtheh village.

– Daesh reached the outskirts of Shoqraniyah town, but no confirmed reports if they entered the town.


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