Map: North Aleppo | Syria | October

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Syrian Opposition forces, backed by Turkey, continues operations against ISIS; heading to al-Bab city in North Aleppo. If Opposition forces will be able to reach al-Bab city, this will end the plan to connect the Kurdish-held Afrin and Kobane cantons via Manbij and al-Bab areas.

Since the operations started at the end of August 2016, Opposition forces were able to clear all the border line from ISIS, and expelled them from Jarablus city and other important towns like al-Rai, Akhtarin and Sawran, as it was also a huge shock for ISIS by loosing their symbolic town, Dabiq. The campaign also included some operations against the YPG-led coalition of Syrian Democrat Forces, who were attempting to reach Jarablus at the beginning of the campaign which started in Jarablus area.

Since the mid-October, battles started between the Syrian Opposition (FSA) and Syria Democrat Forces (SDF) in south of Marea, after offensive launched by SDF to advance toward al-Bab city, as well as stopping FSA advances.



Map of October 27, 2016, as Opposition factions (FSA) continued advaces toward al-Bab city after gaining control of some villages.



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