Map: South of Taiz | Yemen | October 2016

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One thought on “Map: South of Taiz | Yemen | October 2016

    Paveway Mk IV said:
    November 1, 2016 at 5:04 am

    Great work, archicivilians. I’m missing your helpful colors ‘key’ like you had on the upper corner in the other Yemeni maps. Suggestions (if I may be so bold): If you’re trying to avoid the ‘key’ thing or other solid boxes, then a larger plain green/red font with a single label of the ‘sides’ names in each colored area is useful. Nothing huge, distracting or solid color. Use enough transparency so it’s not obnoxious. Subtle is best. Can you control color transparency in your fonts?

    Suggest you use something more recognizable like “Houthi – Salah” instead of “National Army & Local Tribal Forces” just because people less familiar with the Yemeni situation will be confused. Just my opinion. I would also avoid ‘Regime’ and just use ‘Saudi Forces’. Politically neutral labels mean your maps can be used by anyone without perceived bias in the names (whether you intend it or not).

    The village names kind of get lost in the colors here – not enough contrast. That’s most important for the new areas taken, where people will be looking for names they saw in the news. I’m guessing you’re doing overlays for the colors, so maybe there’s nothing much you can do about it. Maybe ramp up the contrast on the underlying map first? The mountain contour shading must be hard to work around, so maybe that’s not practical.

    Also (I know it’s a bit redundant) but a few green areas pointing into the ‘newly acquired’ territory gives an instant visual clue as to the idea you’re trying to convey: who moved into what new territory this period. Small and subtle (plenty of transparency) is fine – people will understand. You can avoid the text box of explanation for the change by using your title/subtitle “SOUTH OF TAIZ | YEMEN – Oct. 27 – Oct 31, 2016 Changes” Something like ‘changes’ is boring, but it’s politically neutral and gives your map’s potential use to a larger audience. The colors/arrows will get the idea across without using descriptive text, which is the reason lazy people like me love maps!

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