Month: November 2016

Map: Aleppo City | Syria | November 2016

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Map: Al-Tall, North Damascus | Syria | November 2016

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In November 23, 2016, Regime forces and Hezbollah militia launched a large-scale offensive on the besieged Opposition-held Al-Tall area, which was under a truce/ceasefire agreement.

InfoGraphic: 21st Force Union | Armed faction in Syria

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21st Force Union, a Syrian Opposition faction counted as part of the Free Syrian Army, which was known as 101st Infantry Division. It has strong relations and contacts with some countries, including Turkey, GCC and USA.

The faction is lead by Col. Hasan Mari Hamada, a Syrian Army pilot who defected with his warplane (MiG-21) to Jordan in June 2012. Large number of TOW ATGM were provided from USA to the faction, as well as the faction has many Syrian Army defected officers who are taking responsibility to lead the military operations.

In December 2015, when it was known as the 101st Infantry Division, the faction announced that they merged with Fursan al-Haqq Brigade in the “Northern Division” , but they left this new formation as the Northern Division has merged with more factions and formed “Idlib Free Army” in September 2016.

21st Force Union has almost more than 1,400 fighters, including many officers, active mostly in Aleppo and Idlib provinces, involved in most battles against Assad Regime forces and allies (Hezbollah + IRGC).

Map: North Raqqah | Syria | November 2016

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Euphrates Wrath; an offensive launched in November 6 by the YPG-led SDF coalition, backed by US, against ISIS stronghold in Raqqah city. SDF captured many villages in the northern countryside, and reached Tall al-Saman town (25~28 km) away from Raqqah city.

Map: SE of Taiz City | Yemen | November 15

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November 2016: National Army launched new offensive against Houthis and pro-Saleh forces in Taiz city. As in November 15; National Army forces took control of Taiz Cultural Center, Aqabah School, Abdulilah Qadi Palace and Salahedine School .

The main goal of the offensive is to clear Sala area and enter the Republican Palace, also to reinforce the their backside before launching an offensive on Hawban area, which is Houthis stronghold in the eastern side of Taiz city.

Map: Al-Bab, North Aleppo | Syria | November 2016

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After 10 weeks of launching Euphrates Shield operation, which is backed by Turkey and aiming to get back North Aleppo to Opposition control after being under ISIS control for more than 2 years, Opposition factions (FSA) reached the outskirts of Al-Bab city in November 13, 2016, which is supposed to be the main target of Euphrates Shield operation.