InfoGraphic: Al-Ezzah Army | Armed faction in Syria

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Al-Ezzah Army, a Syrian Opposition factions which is part of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). It was formed by the Maj. Jameel al-Saleh, a Syrian Army officer who defected in early 2012 and joined the Free Syrian Army, then formed Shuhada Latamneh Brigade, based in Latamneh town in Northern countryside of Hama, which is the stronghold of al-Ezzah Army. After merging with other faction, the Shuhada Latamneh Brigade was changed to Al-Ezzah Union in 2013, then to Al-Ezzah Army in 2015.

Al-Ezzah Army is very well organized factions compared to many other Opposition factions in Syria, as it contains large number of defected officers from the Syrian Army, as well as very well organized training camps and equipment.


It was the first armed faction to be attacked by the Russian Air-Force at the beginning of the Russian intervention in Syria, as the attack was on one of Al-Ezzah Army headquarters in Latamneh town.

Al-Ezzah Army has more than 800 fighters, active in Hama and Idlib , and it joins some operations in both of Latakia and Aleppo. In November 2016, al-Asifat Brigade based in North Homs merged with Al-Ezzah Army, as it is the first appearance for the faction in Homs province.

The factions was involved in battles against Regime and allies (Iran & Hezbollah) since it was formed, in addition to battles against ISIS (Daesh) in North Hama and South Idlib, and battles against YPG in early 2016 at Bachmara/Tamurah front-line in North Aleppo.


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